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How many dogs are allowed per booking?

      We allow up to four dogs in one private 30 minute session.  Please note that at least one person should be present for every three dogs.

Is the pool heated? 

Yes, our pool is indoors and is heated to between 20 degrees and 23 degrees Celsius. We have infrared heaters for our customers who are observing.

How many people are allowed in your private session?

      Max 2 persons in the pool, with a total of 6 for the session.

Are your sessions assisted?

      Our staff are in attendance to instruct you on the correct and safe use of the facilities. They are not available to assist with swimming instruction, looking after your pet, looking after your children or providing any kind of medical advice whatsoever. 

Do I need to get into the pool?

 Our sessions are private and are designed for you as owners to enjoy spending time with your dogs and developing a deeper bond with them. It is however up to you if you want to enter the pool or not.

Do you offer swimming lessons?

No, we do not offer swimming lessons, we will try to provide you with some guidance on the best ways for you to get your dog comfortable with swimming but this is a private session for you to enjoy with your dog.

What age should my dog be to start swimming?

We recommend that puppies should be at least 12 weeks old. Please ensure they are fully vaccinated prior to going swimming for their own safety.

Can children attend?

As the sessions are private this is entirely up to you. All children under 18 need to be accompanied in the pool and supervised in and out the pool at all times and are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. Please note that they must be able to stand head and shoulders above the water. They must also be able to swim unaided. Max depth of pool is 1.3m.

What should I wear?

If you have a wet suit please feel free to wear this. If not, a swimsuit/shorts will be fine but we do recommend you bring a long sleeved shirt as your dog's claws can be surprisingly sharp. 

What to bring?

A change of clothes for you. A towel for you and your dog and if it is a cool day, perhaps a blanket or cover for your dog when travelling home.

Are there any changing facilities?

We recommend you be ready with your swimming gear, please shower at home before arrival.  We do have facilities available for you to change afterwards into dry clothing.

Can I take photo's or videos.

Yes of course you can. The session is yours alone, there will only be dogs and the people you book for present as well as any staff members.

How do I get to you?

We are located at 

Heath Lane, Barkston Heath, NG32 2DE. Just off the High Dyke. Sign posts for Splash Doggy are at the entrance to Heath lane.

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I'm not sure if my dog will like it?

Most dogs are natural swimmers although they may need a little encouragement the first time but most get in fine and swim around with a little encouragement by the owner. Please note, that it may take more than one session for the dog to build its confidence. Once they have been in the first few times they generally love the pool. 

I don't know if my dog can swim?

In our experience, most dogs are great swimmers. If not we have doggy life jackets from micro to extra large.

My dog is injured or has arthritis. Is it safe?

We recommend speaking to your vet prior to booking them in for a leisure swim.  We do not offer hydrotherapy.  Again, If you are concerned with anything we would always suggest you ask your vet if they think it would be of benefit. 

How often is your pool tested?

We run daily tests on PH, TA and Chlorine levels in accordance with the safe usage of our pool. We use a UV (ultra violet) sterilising unit which kills up to 99.9% of bacteria in conjunction with a sand filtration system. This allows us to use a reduced amount of chlorine, typically 0.5-1ppm, which is better for dogs noses ,eyes and skin.

What is the pool temperature

The pool is indoors and is heated. The temperature will vary due to environmental conditions and natural heat loss throughout the day. We aim for the temperature to be between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Will I get my money back should I cancel my appointment?

Please note all bookings are non-refundable. If you cannot attend, then the session can be rescheduled provided that it done with at least 24 hrs notice of session. Please note that you will have to call/email to rearrange the scheduled appointment. All rescheduled appointments to be used within a two month period.

Can I feed my dog before coming to swim?

Please ensure your dog has been fed at least 2 hours to prior to their swim.

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