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About Us

Welcome to Splash Doggy where you can bring your doggies to swim for fun and fitness in a safe and clean environment.

Your dog will have full and exclusive use of our 32ft indoor heated pool during your session, with ramps for easy access for the dogs, and ladder access for their hoomans. There is also a deck area for the more adventurous dogs to jump off!

We provide toys and buoyancy jackets for your dog(s), however if they have a favourite toy or their own life jacket then feel free to bring those along.


As long time dog owners, we wanted somewhere to take our new dog to learn to swim. There are natural places available, such as rivers, canals and lakes. But these places can have unknown dangers lurking beneath or maybe too deep should our dog get into difficulty. 

We therefore decided that we would get our own swimming pool and thought this would be great for other dog owners too, hence, Splash Doggy was born!

Our aim is to provide a safe and happy environment for dogs to get accustomed to water, or to purely enjoy the water in a fun and happy way. Also, with the added bonus that owners can get into the water with their doggy companions, thus strengthening the bond between them.

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